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Hi All,

I am running NSClient++ version on a windows 2008 r2 server. I am having a problem getting the check_ad plugin to work. When I try to run the command from the nagios server using
check_nrpe -H ipaddress of server -c check_ad I get an error No handler for command: check_ad. Also when I look in the nsclient log I get the following error:

2012-12-04 15:53:02: e:..\..\..\trunk\service\NSClient++.cpp:953: No handler for command: check_ad avalible commands: commands {, alias_cpu, alias_cpu_ex, alias_disk, alias_disk_loose, alias_event_log, alias_file_age, alias_file_size, alias_mem, alias_process, alias_process_count, alias_process_hung, alias_process_stopped, alias_sched_all, alias_sched_long, alias_sched_task, alias_service, alias_service_ex, alias_up, alias_updates, alias_volumes, alias_volumes_loose, check_cpu, check_eventlog, check_memory, check_nscp, check_ok, check_pdh, check_process, check_registry, check_service, check_uptime, checkalwayscritical, checkalwaysok, checkalwayswarning, checkcounter, checkcpu, checkcritical, checkdrivesize, checkeventlog, checkfile2, checkfiles, checkfilesize, checkmem, checkmultiple, checkok, checkprocstate, checkservicestate, checksingleregentry, checkuptime, checkversion, checkwarning, checkwmi, checkwmivalue, listcounterinstances}, plugins {, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
2012-12-04 15:53:02: e:..\..\..\..\trunk\include\nscapi\nscapi_core_wrapper.cpp:181: No handler for command 'check_ad'.

If I just run check_nrpe -H ipaddress of server I get I (0,4,1,66 2012-11-18) seem to be doing fine.. so I would think the the server can talk via nrpe. If I run the check_ad.exe from the modules folder C:\Program Files\NSClient++\modules>check_ad.exe --dc everything comes back ok.

In the nsclient.ini file I have set the command to:
command[check_ad]=C:\Program Files\NSClient++\modules\check_ad.exe --dc

also tried

check_ad=C:\Program Files\NSClient++\modules\check_ad.exe --dc

Not sure where to go from here.....

Thank you.

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Have a look at a related

Have a look at a related thread at Nagios Support forum. It is for check_winfile. However, you can apply steps for check_ad as well.

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I am having these problems as

I am having these problems as well! I have tried what has been suggested in the post listed, but still no luck.

Here is what I have done:

1.Install NSClient++ on Windows 2003 Server.

2.Copy check_ad.exe to modules folder of NSClient++ install folder.

3.Edit nsclient.ini - add the following at the bottom of file:

[NRPE Handlers]

check_ad=modules\check_ad.exe --dc

check_ad_member=modules\check_ad.exe –-member

4. Restart NSClient++.

5. Copy and check_ad.config to /usr/local/nagios/libexec on host.

Whenever I run  ./check_nrpe -H -c check_ad on the nagios host in the above folder, I am getting the "No handler for command: check_ad" error message. I saw someone post that the check_ad on the Windows server should be in a plugins folder instead of modules, so I created a pluglins folder, changed the path on the NSClient.ini file but receive the same error - have also tried the scripts folder as well as the full path to the exe file (C:\program files\NSclient....).

NRPE appears to be working - when I run the command: ./check_nrpe -H it returns: "I (0,4,1,73 2012-12-17) seem to be doing fine..."

I have verified that both netdiag and dcdiag are on the Windows host.

Have also tried running the check_ad.exe file on the Windows server with different results as well:

check_ad --member: AD WARNING -        [warning] the dns entries for this dc cannot be verified rig

ht now on dns server, error_timeout. Yet, this machine is available and can be pinged from this server.

check_ad --dc: produces errors that I believe is what I am looking for (I want to check replication across DC's) AD CRITICAL - [replications check,Server1] a recent replication attempt failed:[replications check,Server1] a recent replication attempt failed:[replications check,Server1] a recent replication attempt fail......................... Server1 failed test frsevent

Not sure what I am doing wrong!

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Please check if the nsclient

Please check if the nsclient service account has proper permissions to run check_ad. Running netdiag/dcdiag without domain privileges can be problematic.

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Hello, we have also problems


we have also problems using check_ad on a windows server 2008 r2 x64, german language.

"check_ad.exe --dc" shows

"AD CRITICAL - ......... hostname failed test services ......... hostname failed test frsevent"

Any idea what we can do to get it running?

Are there any settings for 2008 x64?



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By default, check_ad parses

By default, check_ad parses output from the english version of dcdiag. You can use a configuration file to customize it with your German localized dcdiag. See check_ad page for instructions.

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