Problem with home folder and control panel

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Problem with home folder and control panel



I need to change the home folder for users of COPSSH. I change the home folder /home/user: to for example /cygdrive/c: in the passwd file and everything works fine.

But when I open the control panel the home folder is reset to the default /home/user:.

Because of this I can never open the control panel when COPSSH is installed and configured, becuase then I will loose all home folders configured for all users.

Is it supposed to be like this, or is this a bug? Is this something you can fix?


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Control Panel manages system

Control Panel manages system configuration files etc/sshd_config, etc/passwd and etc/groups automatically. It uses always /home as parent directory for home directories. You can mount /home to a directory of your choice by using instructions at FAQ Can I change the location of home directories ?