RSync not going over 500 kB/s

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RSync not going over 500 kB/s

We have a server setup for RSync and it runs fine however for some reason transfers will not go over 500 kB/s when transferring.

Both systems are Windows 2003 R2 fully patched and RSync is running as a service on one, and the transfer is initiated from the other via batch file to the module on the server.

However, if I transfer the files using RSync.exe and just a straight UNC to UNC path copy instead of connecting to the server module at the other end transfers are in the MB/s speed range.

So something is limiting the RSync server that runs as a service on the one machine but not transfers using RSync when you just run straight UNC to UNC copy.

Has anyone seen this before?


rsync /cygdrive/d/folder SERVER::MODULENAME is no faster than 500kB/s

rsync.exe /cygdrive/d/folder //server/d$/folder has full bandwidth available to it.

Both connections initiate on server A and copy to server B which is the RSync server.

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It seems that the bottleneck

It seems that the bottleneck is at the Rsync server side. Do you see any kind of error/warning messages in event log or rsyncd.log file ? Which versions of Cwrsync do you use ?

We are using 3.0.7 and have

We are using 3.0.7 and have been for some time on this server and another previously.

I agree that there is something bottlenecking the server daemon, but have no idea what it is.

No errors in logs, event viewer, or any other indications of an issue.