Nagwin update

Nagwin update - 3.3.0


Nagwin 3.3.0 contains Nagios Core 4.4.3 with lots of enhancements and fixes, Nginx 1.15.8 , updated Cygwin DLL  with a GNU tool refresh.

Nagwin update - 3.2.0


Nagwin update - 3.1.0


Nagwin 3.1.0 contains the latest versions of sub components like  PHP (5.6.36), Nginx (1.14.0), RRDTool (1.7.0),  Pnp4Nagios (0.6.26) and Perl (5.26). Cygwin and GNU tools are upgraded as well. We have also added a number of new check plugins - check_by_ssh, check_cluster, check_ldap, check_mysql, check_mysql_query, check_nt, check_oracle, check_pgsql, check_ping.


Nagwin update - 3.0.0


Nagwin 3.0.0 contains the latest version of Nagios Core (4.3.4), primarily a bugfix release. We have also updated Cygwin and GNU tools to their latest versions.


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