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Drupal syslogs to a separate file on Ubuntu

  • Activate the  syslog module in Drupal and configure it according to your needs. The key element in our recipe is the Syslog identity which is drupal by default


cwGit - minimal Git for Windows

cwGit is a minimal ssh-enabled Git implementation for Windows systems. It is a packaging of Git, OpenSSH client, Cygwin and many other related tools to provide a simple and ready-to-use Git solution.

Httperf for Windows

is a tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server performance.

Live backup of QEMU/KVM/libVirt virtual machines via Duplicity

The script below can be used to implement an efficient, secure and live backup of QEMU/KVM/libVirt virtual machines via Duplicity. It accepts the domain name as a parameter and can handle offline domains and multiple disks as well. XML domain definition is also made as a part of the backup. The Duplicity part is configured for an sftp transfer in our example, but can be adjusted for other types of operations Duplicity supports.

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