Copssh update

Copssh update - 6.2.0


Copssh version 6.2.0 installers contain OpenSSH 7.7p which is primarily a bugfix release. Major relevant changes:

Copssh update - 6.1.3


Copssh version 6.1.3 comes with the latest version of LibreSSL (2.7.2). Cygwin and other GNU tools are also updated to their latest available version.

Copssh update - 6.1.2


Copssh update - 6.1.1


Copssh version 6.1.1 comes with the latest version LibreSSL (2.6.3). Upgrade logic in our installers are also improved.

Copssh update - 6.1.0 (SECURITY)


Copssh version 6.1.0 comes with the latest versions of OpenSSH (7.6) and LibreSSL (2.5.5). We have also updated the Cygwin and GNU Tools to their latest available versions.

Security issue:

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