Copssh update

Copssh update - 7.1.0 (SECURITY)


Copssh version 7.1.0 installers come with OpenSSH 8.1 with some security related updates:

Copssh update - 7.0.0


Copssh version 7.0.0 installers come with the latest Cygwin 3.x libraries, introducing major and backwards-incompatible changes, requiring a reinstallation. You can follow our instructions here, to refresh your installation withour losing your existing setup.

Copssh update - 6.4.0


Copssh version 6.4.0 installers come with OpenSSH 7.9p1 which is primarily a bug fix release. SSL Library LibreSSL is also updated to its latest available version, 2.8.2., in addition to Cygwin and GNU tools which have got a major refresh.

Copssh update - 6.3.0 (SECURITY)


Copssh version 6.3.0 installers come with OpenSSH 7.8p1 including a patch addressing CVE-2018-15473. It is not marked as a security update by the OpenSSH team, as they consider it as a partial disclosure of non-sensitive information.



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