Adolsign update

Adolsign with Office 2019 support


Adolsign 2.7.0 introduces support for Office 2019.

Adolsign with full language support


Adolsign 2.5 introduces full language support in templates. While earlier versions were somewhat limited to ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1, Western European primarly), version 2.5 comes with the option --encoding, allowing you to use the language of your choice. A selected set of encodings supported:

Adolsign 2.4 is here


Distribution packages created by Adolsign 2.4 are cabaple of setting the default signature. You can simply use command line options --newdefault and/or --replydefault to trigger that functionality. It is also possible to specify the name/location of a distribution package by using the new option --packagename. Example:

Adolsign with Office 2013 support and size/speed optimizations

AdolsignAdolsign version 2.3.0 introduces support for Office 2013. In addition, we use a new packaging technology delivering most of the system files in a directory structure which reduces the size of adolsign executable dramatically (from 2 MB to 200KB). That will make Adolsign faster to start, plus there will be no need for local storage at users' home directories.

Adolsign with Active Directory UTF-8 support

AdolsignAdolsign 2.2 gets information from Active Directory in UTF-8 format, allowing to support a wider set of character sets instead of only Latin-1. To utilize this new feature, you need to save your template files in UTF-8 format. Text and html signatures are supported. In addition, Adolsign can now create anchors with hyperlinks in rtf signatures.

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