Elkwin update - 3.2.0

Elkwin Product Edition 3.2.0 comes with the latest versions of Elasticsearch (5.2.2), Logstash (5.2.2) and Kibana (5.2.2). Oracle Java Server JRE is also updated to the latest version - 8 u121. We have also improved upgrading logic keeping existing logstash configuration intact. You need to start services manually after an upgrade.


Copssh update - 5.8.1


Copssh version 5.8.1 bundle contains server installers with improved support for domain based service accounts. We have also updated the Control Panel to configure many advanced server-wide options through the GUI. User specific advanced options are also updated to support more options. Lack of proper permissions on the host private keys are now fixed so that they are only visible to the service account.


Nagwin update - 2.7.0 (SECURITY)


Nagwin 2.7.0 is a major feature and security update containing the latest versions of Nagios Core (4.2.4), Nginx (1.11.8) and PHP (5.6.30).

Nagios security fixes: CVE-2016-9566, CVE-2016-8641, CVE-2016-9565

Elkwin update - 3.1.0

Elkwin Product Edition 3.1.0 comes with the latest versions of Elasticsearch (5.1.2), Logstash (5.1.2) and Kibana (5.1.2). There are breaking changes in 5.x versions of ELK stack components - a fresh install is strongly recommended even though they are capable of handling 2.x generated data.  Please consult links below for more information:

Copssh update - 5.8.0 (SECURITY)


Copssh version 5.8.0 bundle contains 32/64-bit client/server installers containing the latest OpenSSH 7.4p1 with potentially-incompatible changes, security and bug fixes:


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